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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the janitor. where did it take. for the. day's top stories in review of the week massive protests at spain were soaring unemployment threatens to put the country in line financially with greece ireland portugal. and now with the former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss card no longer at the top there are fears the future of e.u. bailouts could be in jeopardy. georgia's opposition leader tells r.t. have revolution has begun as the streets of tbilisi of turned into a battlefield but people demanding presidents like that's been there. and a question over to meet up with various plans for another term in office remain unanswered as the russian president holds back during a two hour long q.
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and a. it's nine pm sunday evening you're watching the weekly from r.t.r. round up of the week's top stories with me kevin now in first antigovernment protesters massing in spanish cities despite the official ban on political demonstrations ahead of elections the country's casting ballots in regional polls with the ruling socialist party set to suffer major losses over thirty thousand people have occupied madrid central square to protest the government's economic policies and skyrocketing unemployment people also come out onto the streets in other cities including barcelona in seville as the country struggles to overcome the crippling recession and it's not the sort of first reports of the situation doesn't change soon spain could be next in line for the rescue package.
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first greece then ireland and now portugal as the usa is bailouts growing number there are now serious concerns that spain could be the next to topple the protesters throughout europe i can bring to the case even more taxpayers' money being plowed into rescuing others. that if i had done that on this. thing again. that you got it right i don't buy that employee with forty three percent in london but if i thought of what i didn't like the whole labor market took a little side was a i think that this is going to be. this is only. the women we will be saying we will be millions in the year is a problems weren't enough there is now talk of greece defaulting on its loans even
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potentially exiting the year i gather and portugal's recent bailout is reported to be worth around seventy eight billion years but spain is the euro zone's fulfil largest economy it different challenge altogether if it fails. if the situation happens the markets would not manage it buying out of spins debt is the most catastrophic scenario for the e.u. what will the e.u. do i think in many experts share my opinion that the e.u. will do the utmost to avoid the scenario that any cost because spain is too big to fail. then you've got a computer but the question now is just how much longer can the usa continue bankrolling going bust as the spiraling tech quizes continues to escalate here is a ministers are struggling to maintain a united front. for financial survival for such countries are spain seriously injured. it could lead to the use of two currency zones in europe
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a strong group of countries using the euro and the rest not using it. thinking to anything play down speculation would be the next can see. it out the problems continue greece ireland and now portugal possibly it is a mix having next year i think it's a. real i right you're a kid like you and the reality is the state fire part of the budget. or eurozone could be compromised by the arrest of the international monetary fund's chief and charges of sexual assault on the straus car and since resigned and is in new york awaiting trial french finance minister christine lagarde the merger is a front runner for the i.m.f. top job but is not eternal bushell reports next without strauss current europe's financial revival now hangs in the balance. no strong cause no euro
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because the whispering off the police charged the now of course with the attempted rape of a hotel maid very differently the possibility that some countries could decide to leave the euro pushed out of the euro and then when you got to understand that. belief that the euro could and should be saved in the face of north steel resistance from richer states stross scorned this week's bailout of crippled portugal germany and france insist on oil and raises its lower corporation tax t.s.k. as he's known was the man all doing it's what is saving your rich economy these allegations are going to be. of the i.m.f. as an institution and. everything going to be missed. strobes call and even persuaded greece's leader to stick with strict spending cuts
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despite roy it's on the streets but he. says some of you have stated government made it made a difference he has good days for example to the greek prime minister on thursday greece asked for more loans on better terms but no heavyweights europhile the s.k. has gone few back another bailout. greece should leave the euro zone that has put under strain the euro china is one of the imus top backers contributing tens of billions of euro he ruled it wants is an asian chief who's not likely to be as europe friendly. he has been very personally very important in getting the i.m.f. involved and assisting in designing these bailout packages but also coaxing and encouraging politicians to do the reforms necessary now you may not get the equivalent behind a person with the same kind of convictions coming from the emerging markets when
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one of the. biggest investment banks fell three years ago it triggered a global recession we're still reeling from today but it's felt that driving the euro to extinction will only make matters worse the consequences probably would be higher and measure that was for instance as a bankruptcy of lehman in two thousand and eight with e.u. economies that death's door there's a team warns that toppling the world's leading banker comes at the worst possible time this is not just the end of a career dominique strauss kahn was instrumental in rescuing the eurozone most troubled states is a risk does seem to threaten the end of the euro itself and your bushel r.t. paris. and still ahead in our review of the week on out see the horrific story that shook the bank should find out more about the case of cannibalism here in the russian capital played for the program. in georgia riot police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse anti-government protests the opposition of rallied
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for a second day in the capital tbilisi demanding the president saakashvili steps down opposition leaders say hundreds of people so far being arrested more than two inches opposition parties called with twenty three from a day of rage designed to force the government to resign on saturday thousands marched through georgian cities saying they've been robbed of their freedoms in the quote suckers released presence in power which the whole with no risk according to opposition groups thirteen people were injured and several detained as police raided one of their offices in the middle of the night. you know but reality says the government's criminal actions that the overall tomorrow should. be given that it is delivered it will be gone and it's not up to us as a government to get rid of the cinema and government. to terrorize people think government is a risk it finds itself absolutely innocent people in government it beats very seriously. and lots of people would say confiscate it's property of the
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citizens and it lasted sacred down four times peaceful manifestation i would like to remind you that this many stations sanctioned by the side of the government and i would like to mention one thinking that we have fighting for democracy we decided that we had continuing rally tonight too so we have keep exist in our place he. will be a great b. c. model who will lead to morrow if you will be ready the day after to model lake city after tomorrow he will be ready twenty fifth will extrinsic keeps its but it will be not very long process so. we were late in the race you. could just opposition leader very often while the appreciations was how do you georgia let's talk through your student world economy international relations joining us live in the studio here thanks for taking time out of communication of use here we're hearing
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burjanadze there saying that you know a revolution is already going on in the country it's already happening where are these events likely to head do you think you know we need to understand where these events are heading we have to look a few years back. people who haven't followed the story might think it's a guess to describe them so well for those riots started yesterday but actually where the problem has been boardings seen strange all force which all five. came to power has criticised them or not and you know georgian public is increasingly dissatisfied with saakashvili if he is away or cracking down on any kind of a position in the country you know he's been repeatedly criticized for the way he handles the opposition has me you know absolute freedom in georgia was. all for once i personally came into power and during the years ago opposition movements there was freedom of speech political party is the difference to use balls for in
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china and the external policies of the contrie. really has been doing for the last several years he's created any opposition and actually he has managed to alienate not only the political parties but most of the coalition the conch you know when we look at the situation in the region in the caucasus you have to understand that the most highly valued commodity in this region is stability it's not even freedom but stability and of course basically georgians look around at their neighbors as well but john armenia russian federation and they see those country developing without major crises developing their. relations with their neighbors and you know saakashvili has managed to alienate. x. allies both in his country and abroad you see near the border now of the who was he is the ally back seven years ago and now even she is pretty dissatisfied with what
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is happening in the country so where is this going to go back in two thousand and seven we saw the instructions there were fiercely cracked down upon by his regime is he going to be a repeat scenario you know there's an interesting thing my father in law was the russian federation in georgia since the first years of saakashvili regime and after the war in age and when president putin recalled him to most critical times to income from political crisis before the war we had a lot of time to talk privately and family while he was meeting his grandchildren and you know if you told the awful story that you are happening in georgia and are known to international politics. the way georgian police actually dealt with political opponents of mr saakashvili and you know certain level it was not very well known abroad but now we can see that this violence is used your
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method of scale with rubber bullets tear gears used against protesters are you really worried this is going to happen again absolutely the problem has not been solved and you know the. basic mistake was that he was trying to hold on the power as much as he could using any means but he understood that he was increasingly unpopular with his own projects he started to. make problems for his neighbors basically for instance for russia which was a major setback for saakashvili resulted in a war and you know alienating both your obviously both your neighbors and really needy people. political. parties within your country is a policy that leads nowhere this was going to help you. later maybe this guy did it you for use of violence will help saakashvili to stay in power for some
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time but you know it's made it just a matter of time when he falls when you think that's going to happen do you think he's going to give in to the pressure he hasn't done so for now i don't think he's going to let the international pressure because he has proven to be quiet and predictable. politic you see it for instance. developing relations with russia. which is in opposition to the real opinion of his own people most of. it is friendly to russia they want better relations with their north and neighbors so large and powerful and they see how well are the contras because there. are developing their relations with moscow and you know he is. he is. actually. making everybody guilty for his own mistakes russia is guilty for his own mistakes because of position is guilty for his own mistakes and now we can see that she's all nation is this is guilty. of reclusive with expert opinion from people
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like you so they go thank you for coming preprogramed. this is explosions of the iraqi capital baghdad leaving at least sixteen dead comes as the british military operations ended after more than a year is the country with the last group of role navy training staff. the u.k. joined the u.s. invasion in iraq in two thousand and three under the pretext of the target destroying saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction but where things are never found the war fell out of favor with the british public even more so with the death of one hundred seventy nine soldiers during a conflict but the u.k.'s military forces withdrew two years ago many experts say they failed to make iraq a safe place with terror attacks still happening on a regular basis i spoke to john suborder he's co-founder of the research project for the right body count he told me the u.k. keeps ignoring the casualties of this war. commentators of whatever political persuasion work of for or against this conflict are kind of united in. casual
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treatment of the iraq the cost of this and we believe that this will not you know to rest properly until there is a fall and detailed inquiry into the iraqi deaths that have been caused whatever benefits may have accrued to some people in iraq and these are highly contested the people who died are absolutely the ultimate losers of this conflict and we should know all we can about understand that and try and sure that in any future of our military forces we do better in terms of saving human lives it's clear that britain considers itself a major player in the world and that means putting its troops and forces around the world we very much hope that in conflicts it's currently engaged in such that. pays more attention to the civilian casualties which it claims particularly in libya trying to avoid well it so far has shown itself willing to do will he stay or will he go that's what many have been trying to be true preventive as the twenty twelve
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presidential campaign here in russia draws closer and the president's latest q. and a session see the perfect opportunity to throw that very question into the ring but he threw it straight back out again. it's got the details. one hundred thirty seven minutes eight hundred journalists seventy two questions and one man to answer a. question president needs of how this first major press conference on wednesday giving me a chance to voice their questions but while some are serious what did you say is there a chance to give to each of our actions well deserved accommodations. and sound more light hearted. i know that your wife is to parking lots and i've no right to park my own car so maybe i could borrow one listenership. it was the question of a possible second term that everyone including the president expected the last. year i had those ideals the decision over the presidential race is not made in this
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kind of format it should be made when the situation is right as we have a greater political impact and i will follow this principle so if i want to make a statement i will make it the mystery of what our current president waited for former president clinton will run for office in twenty twelve has become moscow's most debated topic according to media minute if the two men share a lot of views but also have their differences. yes i am glad my relationship with my colleague and political partner got to me a put in is not just something that people call a tandem actually we've been working together for over twenty years and we know each other well we think alike and our views on key issues in our country's development are very close but this doesn't mean we always and the same way we have different views on modernization i think this process could be much faster because . having sidestepped the most intriguing topically of it it still took time to
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focus on major domestic and international issues and archie's question about syria can get him to make a very strong statement he said as i proceed yes i will not support resolutions on syria frankly speaking they would disregarded by the actions that some states took even though initially russia supported the first resolution and didn't veto the second what happened afterwards demonstrated that these kinds of resolutions can be manipulated this is deplorable because it undermines the or thirty of the u.n. . it shows according to some a growing unease with decisions made concerning the middle east this commitment have appeared somewhat true regret russia's support of the resolution on libya was quite strong in saying that. the actions are probably going beyond what he thought he was voting for. so i think internationally people take note of that because it will signify russia's increasing uneasiness think about what's going on in libya
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and more broadly in the middle east but i didn't detect a sense from mr medvedev the security council wasn't the proper forum in which these things should be discussed but a lot of regional journalists present many questions focused on domestic matters but one subject of great interest to the media both in russia and abroad is the imprisonment of former oil tycoon little scheme he could of course he is released who he did danger to society that was a short question and the own some will be equally sure that no absolutely not the president's view server i'm likely to influence could be sentence i don't think it means he is going to be released and after all it's not the president who put him in jail and i don't think it will be politically easy for material to do or the role. although he has such a possibility according to war but you know these sort of things happens very
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rarely in any country including russia so i think basically the award mediator wanted to say is that he doesn't dispute the decisions of the court but he doesn't consider this person i think it is the press conference came to a close reporters impeded its success after nearly two and a half hours with him in a bit of break the press farewell and headed back to the kremlin but the question that remains unanswered is will he stay there after twenty twelve. years are artsy rosco difference in this story. you might be in the know that artie caught up with the press secretary straight after the conference to tell it's a book over explain why the president's taking his time to answer the question that's on everyone's lips that we've been talking about that interview on air again here are just over an hour's time tonight. nato's aerial campaign in libya is showing no sign of backing down much like colonel gadhafi the u.s. is now operating without official consent from congress which makes america's
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military action in the country constitutionally illegal meanwhile tripoli officials claim bombings have already triggered a humanitarian crisis accusing international forces of violating the u.n. resolution and putting civilians at risk the head of britain's armed forces and said that killing colonel gadhafi would be within the rules as need to read itself for a long war but investigative journalist tony gaza league says it's the alliance that should be brought to justice not the libyan leader. this is a political decision it should never be a military decision i think the reason that the military chief is announced it is really to save the face of our politicians here in britain who are pushing and pushing this whole matter way beyond what was agreed at the united nations security council that is a serious serious problem and this is why the russians and others are saying there must be a ceasefire why is it we have to ask ourselves the british and nato particularly you know this is a nato initiative nail decided they want to intervene so heavily in the civil war
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rather than let the libyan people decide for themselves the outcome of how they want the politics in their country to be in the future this is considered a war crime under the present situation and goes way outside the present u.n. resolution we don't see gadhafi going into foreign countries invading them bombing them attacking them we don't see these long protracted was carried out by colonel gadhafi i think he's the least of our problems and we should see tony blair and george bush in the talk of the international criminal court. of war now the libyan crisis is unfolding. com it was like that few right now they're about that the us campaign in libya is now officially illegal as i just mentioning is the operation passes its sixtieth day deadline without the official consent from congress but it doesn't lie washington is losing sleep over it we've got more about that can also find out how to wash your hair and zero gravity ever thought about it while i read this we caught up with an american astronauts gearing up for another mission into
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war with the challenges of daily life in space. a story of dismemberment and cannibalism horrified the russian capital this week for two weeks police have been finding human body parts in a moscow area before yesterday discovering ahead peter oliver has been following the gruesome case dismembered body parts discovered around moscow the man accused of the chilling murder that sent shivers through the russian capital manages a smile for the cameras as he's led away. well. i was cleaning the rubbish bin and the container was full so i tried to press it down. it was then i saw a box covered in plastic bags i tried to move it and saw some hands sticking out but now police are confident that they have their man having
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a property but in fact no charges have been served yet against him we have filed an application to the court to have him arrested for ten days he's now suspected not accuse mind of murdering a man and later dismembering the body the suspect is quite calm and composed he describes what he did in great detail not showing him to repentance or a great he says that the victim totally deserved that nicholai shot that in his charged with killing. a homeless man down on his luck invited the shut ins home to share referring to the most gruesome discovery the suspects claimed to have cooked and eaten parts of his victim the manager of the apartment block was present at the arrest the kid had to be identified but. i came to the door asked him to open it but he wouldn't so we kicked it in and first he claimed he hadn't done anything then police found a liver in his refrigerator tests showed it was human after that he started telling the truth about what happened he couldn't remember half of it because he was drunk
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when he did it the victim he remembered was from rostov and had recently got out of jail and didn't have a home to go to invite to the man to his apartment he would invite anyone who offered to buy him alcohol shut that in was already notorious in his part of western moscow residence knew of his parents of drunken antisocial behavior as well as tales of torturing a dog to death but his neighbors still can't believe something like this happened on their doorstep he was a little bit we just can't believe that this person has lived next to us for so many years and all of a sudden he does this little he's a sick person he just gives a panic and then it turns out he's killed and he is. someone will shudder and told the arresting officers how he killed the god of eight part of his body and then scattered his this embodied remains around the city some thrown into rubbish bins some cast into the river and others left out in plain sight like here in this park where you got his legs were found
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a registered schizophrenia showed that in being treated for his mental illness as well as spending time in prison his mother who lives in the same apartment building told me how her son had come to her saying he had killed a man i think hearing a man's hand had been discovered nearby but she didn't believe him when you get a strong view i don't believe that he did it i don't believe that he killed anyone i don't believe that he could cut someone up i don't believe that he could he did this i don't believe any of that has always been different when he was school he set himself against the whole class and all the teachers and the teachers gave him a mark he thought was unfair next time he just wouldn't ride the test at all mental health professionals believe that piece of verity of his illness coupled with his alcoholism mentee should have been undergoing extensive monitoring and treatment at the time he claims to have killed and eaten his victim. you can't close clinics for mentally disabled people but nobody listens to the practicing doctors and in
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consequence we have an increased number of patients with mental disabilities and an increased number of crimes committed by mentally disabled people to place cannibal it's a vivid illustration of what i am talking about shackled to police officers and appearing to cooperate with the authorities charged being looked calm as he was led back to his flat he'll remain in custody until psychological tests determine whether he can stand trial peter all of a moscow couple of international news stories of grief in a speech to the pro israeli lobby. of the promise of israel for its growing most remote. rather critical of middle east peace process speaking in washington in the papers case two state returns a month and sixty seven borders with the palestinians including neutral balanced what's needed to reach peace in the conference israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu flatly rejected that idea of playing the territory of the west bank was illegally occupied by israel. iceland's opposed local flight bag and closed its
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main airport after the country's most active volcano erupted ash soon covered nearby villages and farms and even reached the capital for experts say it's unlikely to cause widespread disruption to a traffic light last year when the eruption of another volcano at the closure of a large section of european airspace. live from moscow this is r t it's something of the twenty second of may twenty seventh.

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